Maintenance Policy

The Director of Lakeside Estate has created this Maintenance policy on 01 January 2017. This policy will change from time to time without notice.


Please observe the parking and circulation around the building. There is no parking in front of the building since it impedes the view to the down shops. The parking area is for both the tenants who have business in the building and to the public who transact business here respectively.

Please respect the security in controlling traffic. Please inform the security for vehicles left overnight – otherwise vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense.

There will be reserved customer parking at the entrance for all customers. The ground tenants will have reserved parking for 3 customers each. Please inform your employees to respect the changes to improve customer experience.

  1. For fire security reasons all doors must be closed.
  2. Security will have uniform, ID card (or temporary badge), whistle, and one raincoat.
  3. Senior Security Supervisor (SSS) will patrol and have overall control over security and knowledge about maintenance. Senior Security Supervisor is Abubakari Yakubu.
  4. The Estate Officer (EO) is Isaac Ntiamoah (050) 128-0319 who is the overall responsible for all emergency calls and general coordination of maintenance. Please fill the MRF (Maintenance Request Form) for any maintenance work.
  5. Tenant may pay ₵100.00 charge for installation of Gen Set using Underground cables.
  6. Tenant may need internal security for their own customer handling (LBC will only in emergency)
  1. Security personnel’s are trained to use internal communication System (intercom) and how to place outside calls for emergency service.
  2. Security must check doors, close office/hallway lights and report incidences (burnt security light, etc) to supervisor and write in the Daily Occurrence Book.
  3. Security may check workers as they leave the premises if they identify an unusual seen.
  4. Request for extra work or maintenance problems must be initiated with Maintenance Request Form (MRF). Lakeside Maintenance Team will handle maintenance issues as instructed by the Estate Officer. There will be preventive maintenance schedule in the future.
  5. Structural changes are not allowed. Architectural changes may be allowed with permission as long as they maintain the building envelope and corporate standards. Written authorization is given by the Estate Officer or the Director of Lakeside Estate Ltd.
  6. Tenants may apply for his own telephone line and get connected from the IT room by a written consent to the EO. The EO is the only person allowed in the Central IT Room to connect lines to the tenants (please fill MRF) since it is highly restricted Area.
  7. Satellite dishes and radio antenna should be put on the metal tower after authorization is given. They should be mechanically bolted and not welded. A nominal fee of ₵50/ month will be charged. Fee of $500/month is charged for commercial applications.
  8. Smoking is allowed in designated areas and private offices only. It is NOT allowed to smoke in public areas of LBC. These areas include the Corridors, entrances to lobbies, stair walls and hallways. Smoking in public areas is against the law.
  9. LBC common areas are cleaned by two professional companies. The exterior area and parking are cleaned and maintained by Sam horticulturing Services. The common areas are cleaned by Donewell Sanitary Ventures. This includes Corridors, stair walls, balconies, hallways and the rooftop.
  10. All external catering service companies must register with LBC and pay a service fee.
  11. The office space is to be used for professional business duties and not sleeping.
  12. Please write to us if you have suggestions which can improve our maintenance service.
  13. There will be a standard signage for all tenant front offices not signage on the building.
  14. There will be a standard signage for all tenant front offices not signage on the building.
  • Only black lettering is allowed at the Entrance Lobby.
  • Food should be eaten at the restaurant not in the office.
  • Colour and Graphic are allowed at gate B and Door signage.
  • Please see other restrictions.
  • Inside the tenant’s office, there are no restrictions on colours or signage. But please write for permission.
  • All office has individual electricity meters in the electrical room.
  • Each tenant is responsible for his own consumption.
  • There is a separate meter inside each office specifically for your designated office.
  • Tenants will receive text messages from ECG on how much units left on his meter weekly.
  • Tenant may buy more units when the current unit is less than Ghs50.00.
  • Tenant will be responsible to follow up on his meter if he/she allows units to finish completely.