Lakeside Business Centre (LBC) is a commercial business and shopping center situated at the heart of Lakeside Estate, to be precise, Community One (1), near Lakeside marina Park, Lakeside Estate, Accra, Ghana. The building is a three-Storey building with a 10 meter Communication Tower.

It is structural sound and strong to take up to two more Storey in the future. The ground floor has a net floor area of 525m 2 and the first floor has a net floor area of 477.4m 2 .

It also has diverse use including space for Banking, Lakeside full service Head Office, Pharmacy, Doctors office, Supermarket, Insurance Office, etc. The building has forty (40) car parking and well designed for modern businesses. It has a restaurant which will support the food business of the Centre.

Facilities provided including security, water, Common area cleaning, garbage collection and among others.

The building is design to suite a variety of businesses to pull more traffic to boost the commercial activity at community #1 and Lakeside Estate as a whole. It has ten (10) Office spaces in all and a Banking Hall including private banking.

The banking hall is professionally designed by our architect Richard Abbey to comply with the Bank of Ghana regulations. Some of these features include: reinforced concrete vault, secondary money access, bulk cash space, branch manager officer on ground floor and other offices on the second floor.

The bank also has two ATMs and aesthetic volumetric entrance.

Currently the building is 60% occupied by the following tenants:

  • At-Home Pharmacy Office #101
  • Lakeside Stationary and Printing Shop shop #104
  • Lakeside Estate Head Office Office #201-202
  • MTN Ghana Office #203,
  • Lynx Villie group Ghana Ltd, Office #204
  • Yak Safety Solutions Ltd, office # 205
  • Star Property Management office #301.

We have few shops available for rent including the bank and the Supermarket.

We at Lakeside Estate believe there is a lot we can achieve together because we have reached commercial