3 Bedroom Detached (StarFish)

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For Sale $125,000.00 - Residential
50x80 ft 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms
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Ceramic floor tiles throughout the rooms,
POP Ceiling,

Built in Wardrobes in Master Bedroom
Aluminum window with burglar bars,
Water tank (1800 litres),
Premium security entrance door,
Shower & water closet (2),
Kitchen counter & sink,
Built-in wardrobe in master bedroom,
CCTV (Camera),
DC Solar System

Floor Area: 182 Sqm

Plot Size: 60 x 100ft

Additional Details

  • Payment Terms: Our homes are paid for in the Cedis equivalent of the above indicated list. Prices are subject to change without notice. For the completed home, 100% payment is required.For starter houses, down payment of 50% of the value of the house is required at start, 40% at roofing level and 10% at completion.


Our community is a well-planned area for residential, nursery, school, civic, cultural and industry. There is also a planned road network to increase vehicular flow and to reduce traffic. Future water service is planned by Ghana Water Company Limited. Lakeside Estate is the only Real Estate Company in Ghana with a well-planned Marina, which will serve as a recreational centre for the community and the public.

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    • Lakeside Estate

      on   said 

      Good Morning ,
      you can pay 100% or
      Pay 20% down payment and take a mortgage of 80% and spread it over 15 to 20 yeears

  1. ami mama mensah

    on   said 

    do you have a three bedroom with boys quarters? if yes please tell me the price. i want a completed house which i can move in after payment

    • Lakeside Estate

      on   said 

      Yes Please We have a three Bedrooms with Boys Quaters. for $155,000. But ready move in is not available. We will start three bedrooms with Boys qutarers in December. but you can start paying now and we have done the demarcation so people have actually started selecting.

  2. ernest

    on   said 

    you have a very nice building and where are your three bed rooms or may be your buildings located in accra?i want to to buy one

  3. Alexandra Duarte

    on   said 

    I would like to know if you have any 3 bedroom house for rent at community 8 please. Thank you

  4. Ransford

    on   said 

    Hi, i like your houses, where are they located in Accra? Do you have mortgage arrangements with banks? If so which banks and what are some of their terms?
    I’m interested in a 4 bedroom house with 3/4 bathrooms.

  5. hi… i am looking for a 3bedroom house… not furnished… close to Accra central with a payment plan and the best deal there is

    I want to know is the land part of the price… because I heard in some places people pay rent for thr land even though the building belongs to them…


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