Lakeside Business Opportunities

The Whole Picture

Professional investors with funding and resources are needed. There are wonderful business opportunities for investors at Lakeside Estate. We at Lakeside Estate believe that with Ghana Government’s housing statistics of one million (1,000,000) housing deficits, there are tremendous opportunities for many to join to satisfy the public’s need for housing and commerce.

We can allocate and co-develop housing and other projects with Real Estate developers and investors. This has been done successfully at community #1 with Dream Homes and also at Community #8. Below are different types of investment opportunities at Lakeside.

At community #8 to 13, there are various sized plots (from 2 to 10 acres) with laterite road and access and fence walls ready for residential or other developments. The residential developer must continue the infrastructure work of concrete drains, hard surface roads, power distribution and building of residential houses or offices.

We have also reserved 100 acres for residential sales to GREDA members. The amount to pay for above opportunity starts from $200,000/acre. The development must be specific and completed by May 2020. Fence wall and security room should be completed within 12 months. Maximum truck sizes are 20 ft.

Lakeside Business Center

Lakeside Estate started construction on the Lakeside Business Center (LBC) in November 2014. It was completed in December 2016. It also has diverse use including space for Banking, Lakeside full service Head Office, Pharmacy, Doctors office, Supermarket, Insurance Office, etc. The building has forty (40) car parking and well designed for modern businesses.  It has a restaurant which will support the food business of the Centre.

The Building is a three (3) storey Building with a 9 m communication tower and has Advance volumetric entrance for modern businesses. It has a built-up area of 1,000 m2 or 0.94 Acres. The current rent is US$15/m2-month with 10% service charge to cover cost of perimeter security personnel, Water, landscape maintenance, parking control, exterior cleaning and exterior maintenance. It has 18Kva solar power assistance. Tenants will supply and maintain their own GenSet. Interested parties may apply to Lakeside Estate for rental space. LBC is situated at the heart of Lakeside Estate, to be precise, Community One (1), Lakeside Estate, Accra, Ghana.    We have a special zoned plot in a prime area for a Technical School. The plot is fenced, with a power line, and sidewalk. Plot area is 5,577m2 or 1.39 Acres.

Lakeside Marina Park

The existing Lakeside Marina Park (LMP) is looking for a partner to enter into a joint venture (JV) with 40% equity. Minimum investment amount is three million US dollars ($3.00m). Lakeside Marina Park (LMP) won the 2010 & 2011 Leisure Developer of the year award. We hope to develop the area around the Lake (17.6acres or 71.527m2) into a world class amusement park that will also have a hotel and conference centre. This will attract tourist from all over West Africa. Existing developed plot area is 8,863m2 or 2.2acres. Undeveloped plot area is 49,258m2 or 12.2 acres.

Also Silver Star Tower is investing $2,000,000 to develop (Phase One) 27 Acres with in Community 8 into luxury plots and luxury houses.  This includes underground gutters, water, fibre optic lines and other services.

The community has also set a local tennis club named lakeside Tennis Club. They have coaches and Tenements which keeps active and healthy