Marina Park

Marina Park

Lakeside Marina Park is one of the best recreational centres in Ghana, located around a lake, Lake Kalmoni at Lakeside Estates, Accra. We have been in existence since 2003 and have a solid team of dedicated staff to give you the best customer service experience and atmosphere.

Our services are positioned to provide our customers with exceptional customer experience. Our pricing strategy is charged per the premium price as per industry standards; value for money.


Our Amazing facilities

BOAT RIDES – Boat riding is one of the events that draws many people to the Marina Park. They really enjoy the cruise.

MINI GOLF (9 HOLE) – Our mini Golf Course is one of the main activities. It has nine holes.

GAMES ROOM – The Games Room offers various exciting activities not limited to Ludo, Oware, Playing Cards, Chess, Monopoly and Draft. The Games Room also serves as a Conference room of 60-capacity sitting





This two storey slide is actually the tallest slide in Ghana and suprisinginly exciting. The sacks that are used to slide make you pick up speed which makes it worth going on it over and over again.

  • The Marina Obstacle Course is actually very challenging yet exciting. It gives groups the opportunity to compete with each other.
  • Recreational fishing for families to enjoy or for professionals. Catch a fish and we will grill it for you. Bring your own fish meal and kit. One (1) catch per person.
  • The swinging boat is a fun motorized swing which rocks like a boat. You can also walk for fun on our newest addition; Canopy Walkway
  • We boast of a Children’s Playground fitted with child-friendly , exciting playing equipment for all kids.
  • Sporting activities include a 5-a side soccer pitch, Volley Ball, and Tug-of-Peace line


Assistant Park Manager: 02047 75 044

Supervisor: 0501401381