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Lakeside Estate launches new 4-bedroom storey house

Real estate company, Lakeside Estate, has launched the construction of 110 housing units of its new four bedroom storey houses, to meet the increasing demand from consumers.

Located on a 670 meters square piece of land with a floor area of 270 meters square, this modern building has been laid out to allow for easy access through its functional and well defined spaces, airy and well ventilated, yet with a simple beautiful blend of traditional gable system, with the hip roof, giving it a unique catchy character.

It is located on the hilly side of the estate –Lakeside Hills- with the window openings positioned to allow occupants of the four bedroom storey house to enjoy the very beautiful serenity of the entire community 8 development of the Lakeside City.



The launching of the 4-bedroom story house coincides with the 20th anniversary of Lakeside Estate launch into the real estate business in Ghana.

Marketing Director of Lakeside Estate Limited , Lawrence De-Souza, explained that the project was initiated to serve the elite or high net-worth customers.

“Over the years, we’ve realized that we get demand from customers who love storey buildings. For some, even if it is a one bedroom house, they’ll love it to be a storey building, so we’ve taken our time to assess that level of market and we realize that to satisfy them we need to develop storey houses for such upper class of customers”.

GREDA lauds Lakeside Estate for helping to bridge housing deficit

Speaking at the launch, Executive Secretary of the Ghana Real Estate Development Association, Samuel Amegayibor lauded the project, saying, any addition to the housing sector, is a contribution worth celebration.

According to him, Lakeside Estate has over the years helped to bridge the rising housing units deficit in the country.



“They are one of the companies that have affordable housing, they have samples of it, and they’ve sold them. They have houses for the middle income earners and now I’ll call this the upper market kind of property. So they [Lakeside Estate] are doing their best to every facet of the society to make sure that everybody has something. So if your budget cannot meet this one, Lakeside has something for the lower or meddle class of society.”

On the score of quality, Mr. Amegayibor, mentioned Lakeside as one of the real estate companies customers can trust.

“Now, for the quality of delivery, that’s something that is one of the problems that most people complain about when they buy from estate developers. But Lakeside Estate has houses that are of good quality. They don’t develop cracks and all of that; at least lakeside stands out as one of the developers that develop quality.”

The design of the 4-storey building include entrance terrace, living room, guest bedroom, store room and kitchen yard/terrace.



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